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Domestic Violence: Stalking

Domestic violence is not just confined to a husband who is abusing his wife at home and hitting her or locking her up; though it is one of the tragic possibilities of a violent spouse (and can be done by both males and females). One aspect of domestic violence is also when you find that you are being stalked by an unwanted person such as a friend, coworker, spouse or stranger.

In some cases, you may have gotten away from a dangerous spouse, and you may find that they are appearing all over town: at your work, at your child's school, outside your home, etc. If this is the case, you may want to consider contacting a family lawyer in Long Island to discuss filing for an order of protection from this person.

Stalking may include not only shadowing or filling a person, but also someone who repeatedly contacts you through phone calls or threatening massages. Perhaps they appear as a customer to your work place, and while everyone else believes them to be harmless you realize that they are doing so to torment you. Stalking may also the vandalizing of your property as well as any other action by this individual that may make you feel as though your life and safety are in jeopardy.

There are three different categories of stalking charges that may be placed on a person. First is a simple obsessional which essentially means that you are being stalked by a person that you are acquainted with (family member, co-workers, etc.). The second is called a love obsessional which can be a male or female who will do a number of things because they are convinced they are in love. This can be with an ex-spouse, a stranger or acquaintance. Third is categorized as erotomania which is when a person is obsessed with a public figure such as a celebrity, or someone in the spotlight who is out of their reach.

In the event you find that you are a victim of stalking, contact the Meyers Law Group today to discuss seeking an order of protection.