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Divorce: What if One Spouse Does Not Want to Split?

In our world, many more marriages are ending in divorce than they used to half a century ago. Why is this? Suggestions as to what the causes may be vary based on every couple thought they may be anywhere from finances to violence, to falling out of love, or adultery and everything in between.

For many spouses, they come to an agreement that divorce is the best for them, however, there are still a number of couples that cannot come to the agreement that their marriage should end. How do you handle a divorce when there is one spouse who desires to call it quits, while the either is hoping with all their might it can be worked out?

Depending on the couple, there can be a host of reasons why one spouse will want to stay married such as financial, emotional or religious ones. Perhaps you are the one who desires a divorce and yet your spouse claims they are still in love with you or they claim that they want more than anything to have their child raised in a dual parent household rather than a broken home. While it may be hard for them to accept the divorce, you can with the help of your attorney, sit down with them and clearly explain the reasoning behind your decision and claim that you want it to be a peaceable process without contention.

Before going about the process, first or through a few questions to ask you. One, you want to make sure the relationship is really over. Don't put your spouse brought he heartache of a divorce if you are not sure even you want it completely, perhaps you remarriage is worth fighting for? Second, ask yourself if you want to stay married at all? Ask your spouse the reasons behind their wanting to stay together.

Next, ask yourself the freedoms you desire with a divorce, and have your spouse thing through what they are holding onto that is keeping them through the divorce. Fourth, make sure that you and your spouse consider the important issues at hand such as your finances, don't let those get ignored because one spouse is having a harder time with the separation.

Lastly, remember that sometimes this process just takes time and communication. If you and your spouse are in an amicable relationship, consider taking the process slowly so that it's easier on them in the long run.

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