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Divorce and Child Depression

As parents, our family (specifically the children) are the most important things in our life. We care whether or not our kids are happy, whether they are doing well in school, how they are playing with their friends, etc. While we hope that our families can stay together and live happily ever after, this is not always the case. Sadly, life happens and for many couples this means the end of their marriage relationship. And while divorce is something that happens in many families now a day, it is important to remember that your children are the ones who will bear much weight of the divorce.

Children, often times don't fully understand the meaning of a divorce, and they will often place the blame on themselves as a result. Depression of the parents during a divorce is one of the most common contributors in the depression of the children during this season. When a child witnesses their parents grieving over the divorce, often times the kid will see that as a sort of rejection because they are dealing with sadness rather than caring of the kids. As adults we understand that this is not the case, however, children do not have enough life experience to realize this just yet.

Parents, take the time to show your children the affections they need. Obviously, you may not be able to emotionally be the outgoing parent you normally are, and that's ok. Just be sure to invest time spend with them, even if that just means longer hugs when they get home from school. Be sure to share your love for them, no matter the circumstances of the daily. Another tip to remember is that while it is important for you to talk about your feelings and struggles, make sure this isn't around the children as that may lead them to be confused and feel as though they need to choose sides.

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