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Common Marriage Factors that May Lead to Divorce

Perhaps you and your spouse are having problems, according to a post on Huffington Post, here are a few helpful tips for woman to consider with their husbands in with hopes of saving their marriages. Please note, these are merely tips and suggestions and are in no way proven as being the only way to help a marriage.

As most woman can attest to, we like to talk (or gossip) about our problems. However, what we don't realize is that talking about all of the bad things our husbands do with our lady friends is not going to benefit our marriage, in fact, it just may hurt it. While it is important to have your "go to" person during the hard times, don't get into the habit of "bashing" your husband to the girls whenever something comes up as it will lead to your own perspective being negatively altered.

Next consider that while communication with your husband is important, make sure you do so in a way that shows love to him and appreciation rather than manipulation. Try spending more time with him doing activities he loves and to show you care for him. Often times, if there is a problem in our marriages, if we start accessing ourselves before pointing the finger, we can often help the marriage in the long run.

Ladies, remember that happiness is how we define it, and it does not have to be grounded in whether or not our husbands change when there is a problem. Focus on being the best version of yourself for your husband, loving, kind, patient, and hopefully you will in turn be able to find joy in loving him as opposed to feeling like he isn't changing and feeling depressed.

While there are a host of suggestions, the last one here to consider is that if you and your head are living parallel lives (ones that are not intersecting at all) it is going to be very difficult to have a happy union. Seek to get into each other's lives, learn to love the things he loves, and do whatever you can to spend time together.

A marriage union is a "relationship" and in order to accomplish that, it takes time and effort spent together. Try and remember the days leading up to your marriage, you likely couldn't get enough of each other. Essentially, be willing to take time to learn what makes your husband happy, and find ways to share with him the things that bring you joy as well.

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