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Can Facebook Cause Relationship Problems?

Anyone can tell you from experience that dealing with the issue of jealousy in a relationship is probably one of the worst poisons that can kill your trust for the other person. Whether it is being jealous of a past relationship they had or a current "friend" who is in their life today, if you are dealing with jealousy it is safe to say that it will eventually lead to conflict; if it hasn't already.

With the continual hype over the world of social media, it is also safe to assume that if you are a person who naturally struggles with jealousy in a relationship, whether it is your marriage or not, if you have a Facebook account this may lead to even more troubles. According to various studies, it is believed that specifically usage of this site can lead to devastating effects on your relationship.

Soon to be published in the July issue of the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, researchers have shown that people who are frequent users of this site may experience conflict in their relationship and eventual cheating and/or breakups.

Their studies found that using social media outlets may result in people connecting with new people or old relationships even more so than they would without. Also, if your partner has a profile, there is a far greater chance of keeping too close of a tab of their profile, and as stated above, it can lead to extreme jealousy and conflict.

While using the internet does not have to lead to problems in your relationship, it is helpful to be aware of the dangers of spending too much time on the web rather than with the one you love. If you do decide that you and your spouse are ready for a divorce, due to social media influences or not, contact the Meyers Law Group for a trusted divorce lawyer in Long Island.