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What to Do When Needing to Modify Child Custody Payments

If you and your spouse have split and you are currently dealing with the pressures of your child custody and support payments, it comes to no surprise that some months may be harder than others. Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that making the necessary child support payments is downright impossible with your current income and decreased work hours. If you are feeling the weight of being unable to make your payments, this does not mean that you are a bad parent, it just means that times are hard financially.

Be encouraged that you are not alone, there are a number of parents who are currently feeling the burden of making their payments for child support while trying to balance meting their other financial obligations that they have in life. Perhaps you were originally able to make the agreed upon payments, and after unforeseen events in life such as a work injury, illness, loss of job, etc. you are no longer able to make the required payments. If this is you, here are a few tips to consider in order to modify your child support payments.

First and foremost, if you are struggling making the payments you need to act fast! Even if your life circumstances haven’t changed yet, though you know that you will be losing your job, or even hours because of pay cuts, make sure you begin the process of modifying your support as quickly as you can because nay late payments will still be owed to the child and parent. Next, you will want to find a trusted Long Island family lawyer who can help you walk through the legal process of modifying your support to make sure that your life changes make you eligible for these changes.

You may also, with the help of your attorney, attempt to discus your current turn of events with your ex-spouse in order to reach a new agreement together. You may want to use a more formal method for this process such as mediation in order to set your new financial arrangement. Event through the process of seeking to modify your payments, do whatever you can to be as close to the required amount as you can.

You will want to be able to prove that to the best of your ability you were paying as much as possible per month while the matters of your modification were being sorted out. If the court notices you were taking fancy vacations or buying a new car, for example, they will not likely sympathize with your being unable to financially support your child.

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