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Putting Off Divorces Despite the Unhappy Marriage

In our society, we often make our decisions based upon how we feel at the time. For example, if we want a Starbucks coffee, we will get up and go order our latte without any hesitation. Even in relationships, if we come to the place where we feel we are no longer loved or treated as we think we deserve we will call it quits and pursue that happiness elsewhere. Why then, are some couples remaining together despite their unhappy marital relationship? Why are they forcing themselves to stay together when parting ways is seemingly an easy route?

According to a recent survey of 2,000 married people by a group in England, many spouses stick it out in an unhappy marriage simply because they fear divorcing. Out of these two thousand individuals, nearly a fifth of them claimed that they wished they could get out of their relationship though they feared to do so, generally for financial reasons. Other causes that lead to fear of divorce is because people don’t want to be lonely after the split or even just not wanting to be on their own again.

Another common fear of divorce has to do with parents not wanting their children to feel as though they are leaving the family. For those couples who have been married a few decades, many times they feel as though they should just stick with their marriage because they are too old to go through a divorce and their life is already set in place.

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