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Paving the Way for a Smoother Divorce

In life, we can all agree that things run much more effectively when there is less conflict. The same goes during the process of a divorce, the more you and your spouse are able to work out an agreement, the greater the likelihood of you having a smoother process on your road to being officially divorced.

It is important to realize that while a divorce can be more effectively run, it doesn't necessarily mean it will be cheaper; though it could result in you two reaching a divorce settlement out of court, which will save you money in court fees.

By you and your spouse cooperating with one another, it will open the door to more clear communication in order to work through the terms of the split. These factors would include property division, child custody or support, alimony payments, etc. And by talking through them, as opposed to going to court, there is a greater chance of each of you receiving a fair part of the property.

Mediation is another form of working through your divorce is a more amicable manner. This means that you will sit down with a third party member in order to work throughout the terms of your divorce. It is encouraged that each spouse have their respective attorney present for guidance because the mediator will not be privy to either party.

At the Meyers Law Group, we are experienced legal professionals who can help you walk through this difficult season of life and fight for what you believe is rightfully yours in the divorce. By choosing mediation, you will have the chance to negotiate terms with your spouse in a non-court setting which may lead to a more agreeable settlement between the two of you. Contact us today for a trusted Long Island divorce lawyer!