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Making a 'Happy Divorce' Possible

Separating from your spouse can be a very difficult thing to go through, however it is possible to have a relatively “happy” divorce despite the circumstances you are in. In fact, the majority of people going through divorce claim to be unhappy; either because they are overwhelmed, depressed, sad, stressed or burdened with financial struggles. Whatever the circumstances that you are in, believe it or not it is possible to fight for a happy divorce. The emotions are often extensive because of finances, regret, a broken heart, or perhaps the effects it is having on your kids. With all of the obvious downers of a divorce, you are likely wondering how on earth it is possible to have a happy divorce.

First off, it is up to you to be happy. Consider your happiness to go beyond the reaches of your current time of life and circumstances. Once you cultivate the practice of being thankful for that which is good in your life (your kids, your friends, your other family members, your job, food on the table, etc.) you can focus less on the hardships of your current split. Even in the midst of grieving over your loss of a loved one (in this case an ended relationship), you can still focus on the good memories you share as opposed to dwelling on the heart ache. Even if it’s hard, your divorce was possibly your choice (or theirs), but either way if there is no love or too much arguing, consider the divorce as a step in the right direction for your life. In the event you hare having a difficult time grappling with your emotions, consider seeing a professional to discuss your feelings and to sort through them.

Believe it or not, sometimes acting happy and put together during your divorce can help you keep a level head on your shoulders. Sometimes doing whatever you can to be positive, even during a very negative situation like divorce, can help you to see the good in the toughest of times. Being negative and upset will only lead to poor decision making and lack of judgment, causing deeper hurt and frustration rather than the sense of victory you deserve.

Another helpful tip during your divorce is to maintain hopeful of future relationships. Obviously the idea of marrying another person after this heart break seems just short of comical, by keeping in mind that true love is possible again will help you maintain an optimistic perspective on relationships and life in general.

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