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How Lawyers Help You During Divorce Mediation

Where litigation in a divorce often means much arguing and pointing of the fingers in court, the goal of mediation is intended to help divorcing couples talk through their differences in order to reach a more fair and reasonable agreement. Though the role of a lawyer during a mediation process will look a little differently, it is no less essential that you have their guidance in the process. Attorneys who aim to truly help their client understand the ins and outs of the divorce will be walking with them step by step in order to reach the desired outcome of the divorce settlement. The lawyers will help prepare their client before meeting with the mediator, so that they are well equipped to discuss their side of the story with their spouse. With the help of the lawyer, the spouse will be able to more fully utilize the mediation time and perhaps even open their eyes to more possibilities that may not be presented by the mediator.

One of the biggest factors that a divorce lawyer must stress to their client is the fact that mediation is very different than a trial, it is not a time of argumentation, but rather negotiation for the good of the family at the end of the divorce. That is not to say that spouses shouldn’t fight for what is rightfully theirs, it is simply a more amicable approach that would be taken as opposed to simply arguing against one another in court to a judge. One key way that a divorce lawyer can help their client is to prep them in the beginning stages about what to expect during a mediation meeting, and train hem how to control their emotions during this time in order to maintain more level headed when negotiating. Emotion-fueled decisions often are a recipe for disaster, which is why it is important for the divorcee to learn how to express their concerns without letting themselves get carried away with emotion.

Once the client has been trained by their attorney on matters of negotiations, they will also what to be instructed on how to best make decisions in the mediation. The lawyer will hopefully educate you beforehand on the many topics (and potentially conflicts) that will arise in the negotiations such as property division, child custody and support, alimony, other parenting arrangements, etc. Mediation is a way for couples to avoid the court system while still working towards a favorable outcome in their divorce settlement. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Long Island who can answer any further questions you may have with regards to ending your marriage, please contact the Meyers Law Group today!