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Child Custody for the Un-Married Parents

Let’s say for example that you and your significant other were in a serious relationship and though you had been sleeping with each other for a while now, you have always been keen on using protection. However, despite your efforts to prevent a pregnancy, you learn that you two were going to have baby.

The baby is born and the years go by. First its diapers, then softball and art classes, and then before you know it your little baby is starting middle school. Despite the love that you each have for your little one, the two of you have been growing apart for quite some time now. After a lot of thought and countless discussions, you and your partner decide that you are ready to need the relationship, though you recognize that matters may be a little more complicated when it comes to breaking up because there was no marriage contract.

This type of story is common for many couples, who either just don’t want to have to prove love with a legal document or who simply have a child out of wed lock. Whatever the case may be, child custody and visitation can be an equally as complicating for those couples who are unmarried as it is for those who are filing for a divorce.

What many people may not realize is that the majority of states will favor the mother for custody of the child if the parents are not wedded. Only in the event that a father decides to pursue legal action will the court consider giving the custody to the father, or if the mother is deemed as unfit to care for a child.

Fortunately, those unmarried couples who are seeking to deal with the disputes over matters of child custody and support are generally going to have it resolved in a way that a divorcing couple would. With the guidance of a trusted Long Island family lawyer, you may decide to take your case to court in order to have the court determine what is best for the child.

By having the court determine the primary custody of the child, they will take into consideration the many factors associated with raising a child and who will be most able to accomplish this. The judge may also decide that both parents will have a form of custody. For more information contact the Meyers Law Group, today!