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Prenuptial Agreements: Two Sides of the Story

In the flurry of activity before a wedding, the last thing any couple wants to think about is a prenuptial agreement. Since it's a contract that deals with property rights and expectations during a potential divorce, the business arrangement might seem like an unromantic way to begin a marriage. While some believe a prenuptial agreement is completely necessary, others feel it can be dangerous for the health of a marriage.

In the Huffington Post, celebrity divorce lawyer, Raoul Felder, and family law attorney, Laurie Israel, discuss opposite ends of the debate.

From Felder's point of view, prenuptial agreements are absolutely necessary in modern culture. He believes that times are changing and things with no discernible value are now being given weight in court. This can lead to a drawn-out conflict, costing huge amounts for both parties. With a prenuptial agreement, Felder argues a quick and dignified end to a marriage can take place. To those who argue that discussions of the contract might end a potential marriage when a couple can't agree, Felder thinks that the couple is much better off finding out their fiancée's feelings now, rather than after they get married.

Laurie Israel, on the other hand, contends that prenuptial agreements may destroy your marriage before it even begins. To back up his claim, he points out that a prenuptial can have lack of consideration, being primarily focused on taking from your prospective partner. Because the agreements are concerned with money and material possessions, Israel reasons that potential spouses might see each other very differently after these discussions. Lastly, Israel argues that a prenuptial changes the foundation of a marriage, which is supposed to be based on partnership and trust. A prenuptial agreement encourages greed and materialism over generosity and kindness toward your spouse. Israel recommends that you instead trust a divorce lawyer to handle the various differences should you choose to end your marriage.

If you should agree with Raoul Felder and decide that you indeed want a prenuptial agreement, do not hesitate to contact a Long Island family law and divorce lawyer at Meyers Law Group P.C. to draw up the contract. Our legal team will help you sensitively handle this potentially unpleasant subject during this joyful time in your life!