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Long Distance Child Custody

The aftermath of a divorce can be complicating at times, particularly in the event that you and your ex have children. And while you would likely rather you never interacted with your ex again, if you have children that preference may not actually be an option for you and your ex-spouse because despite your many differences, you still share the kids and that means talking. Whether you and your spouse can never stop arguing, or just seeing their face brings back tearful memories, if child custody is shared then those interactions are necessary.

Or are they? With today’s technology, is it possible to share custody with your ex and never have to actually interact with them in person again? For some couples the quick conversations with the ex may bearable, and yet for other couples it may be a nightmare; and with recent technology it may actually be possible to avoid after all. What is this you may ask? It’s called long distance child custody arrangements. According to an article on the New York Times, one woman and her (now) ex-fiancé had a baby and she has realized that at least for the next 17 years or so, her and her baby’s father will have to see each other a few times every week.

This woman was awarded joint legal custody and primary physical custody of the child and she states that the best way to communicate with her ex is to do so by utilizing the internet options that exist. For example, if they ever need to communicate during the week they use their emails, allowing conversations to stay short and to the point in most cases. Here they discuss their child’s schedule, pickups from day care and everything else. This method has allowed the parents to come to an agreement that despite their differences they do not want to be parents who constantly argue in front of the children, which is why electronic conversations are so key in their parenting relationship.

A helpful tool for “long distance custody” parents is the option of an online calendar that changes and updates on both sides when they need to share what is going on. As a parent, being able to text your ex that you are running late from work and will pick up the kids in an hour, is helpful rather than having to call and explain yourself or no be able to talk to them until you are face to face. The thing is, no one ever said a divorce was going to be easy, but with the benefits of modern technology it can be a little less of a headache for you and your spouse, and your children.