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Why You Do Not Want an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

For some people, their first instinct is to find an aggressive divorce attorney who will bulldoze right over their ex. But at the Meyers Law Group, P.C., we understand that while a tenacious legal advocate is sometimes helpful, the average divorce requires more level-headed and compassionate legal representation. Not only will this amicable approach save you strain and legal expenses during the divorce, but it can mean a more peaceful future once the process has been completed. There are several reasons why an aggressive lawyer is not the way to go; here are a few of them:

1) Having an aggressive lawyer does not mean that they will be working with a successful lawyer. In fact, many divorcees learn that this strategy can backfire. Judges are not fans of a belligerent family law attorney who can create conflict at every turn. Such a lawyer might also resort to dirty tactics, tactics which will often weaken a case. They can further drag out a case, costing you precious time and racking up your legal bills. A smart attorney will know what issues require a fight, and which do not, making the case go smoother. A capable lawyer will also know how to craft a real case, a case that is successful.

2) An aggressive lawyer could also be your ticket to a divorce trial. Most divorces, around 90 percent of them, end in a settlement, a cost-effective way of pursuing as amicable a divorce as possible. But if you have an attorney who fights tooth and nail over even small issues, then you will have to pay more in legal fees for the extended time. And in a trial, matters can get even nastier than they were before. And even if you think you have "won" your case, you will still probably be the one footing the bill for your divorce lawyer.

3) If this is the type of lawyer you get stuck with, then you may be working with someone who does not have a realistic grasp of your case, someone who is assuring you of things that simply cannot be guaranteed in a divorce decree. A trustworthy divorce attorney can accurately assess your case and be honest with you, telling you the many factors that go into child custody, support payments, equitable distribution, etc. That way, you would not be in for a devastating shock when you see your finalized divorce settlement.

4) While an aggressive lawyer will certainly stick around in your life as long as the prolonged divorce will take, they will soon be out of your life, leaving you with all manner of aggravated relationship issues. Your future with your ex will be made all the thornier because of a contentious divorce. There are many reasons, such as child custody or support payments, that mean you still have to see your ex for years to come. If your divorce is made all the more ugly because of a lawyer intent on squeezing every penny possible from your ex, you are the one who is in for years of rancor. Not to mention hefty legal bills.

In the long run, it is invaluable to have an experience Long Island divorce lawyer on your side, one who is committed to settling your divorce in as respectful and peaceful as manner as possible. Not only can you find yourself with the settlement that you deserve, but you can be saved the needless stress and costs of a contentious divorce. Find out what our legal team can accomplish for you when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today!