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The Rising Trend of Amicable Divorces and Successful Co-Parenting

In spite of the host of examples we have seen of acrimonious battles in divorce court, more and more couples are providing the example that remaining friends after a divorce is actually feasible. In USA Today, a former couple from New Jersey was highlighted. They had two adolescent sons, and even though the couple ended their marriage of nearly 17 years this 2013, the dad still came over to help the whole family with Christmas decorations, and he plans to be there for breakfast and gift-opening on Christmas morning.

This approach is being seen in a rising number of couples, and not just during the holidays either. One of the main reasons is that these couples are usually parents, and the well-being of the children is something they can agree on. Secondly, many couples who are divorcing now are themselves children of divorce, and they want to minimize the damage for their children, the trauma that they themselves went through. But even when a couple does not have children together, there are a growing number of examples showing that exes can still get along.

Of course, this is not possible for everyone, but where an amicable divorce is an option for a couple, the pain and cost of the divorce process can be drastically reduced. Processes such as divorce mediation can enable spouses to come up with their own divorce settlement, one they can agree on. If a couple has children, then saving time can be a huge factor that minimizes the trauma for the kids, and a peaceful divorce can help co-parents cement their new relationship that will enable them to raise their kids well.

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