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Seven Proactive Steps to Take in Your Divorce

When you want as swift and amicable a divorce as possible, you can be proactive about it. Here are several steps to help you in that direction, saving you and your child needless pain and stress, and further saving you money in legal fees.

The first step is to be take responsibility, to take ownership of whatever you have contributed toward getting a divorce. If you only blame others, then you are letting yourself become a victim. When you realize your responsibility, you realize that you decide the next steps in your future. This can also dispel the unhealthy emotions that could drive you to bitterly fight your spouse in court, which only hurts your future, your pocketbook, and worst of all, your children.

Second, after you ownership of your fault, should come forgiveness. Did you ask for the divorce? Then you may need to forgive yourself. Did your spouse ask for the divorce? Forgiving them will help you move on in life. Either way, you can free yourself up from harmful emotions that can hamper your decision-making abilities.

Thirdly, if you remember to refrain from negative comments, this is helpful for everyone. If you badmouth your future ex in front of the kids, this will be harmful for them. If you vent about the specifics of your divorce with other people, you may be surprised how fast this news will travel. If you keep things positive, you can keep things as uncomplicated and uncontentious as possible.

Fourth, you need to know your finances. You need to study up on your assets and your debts, and you need to collect your financial records and make them safe. Be aware of how much you spend, how much your current lifestyle costs. Knowing where you stand can help you in the many financial decisions that lie ahead. You will need to provide full financial disclosure in the process too, so you will need all these documents as it is. And realize when you might need a financial expert's help to help you sort through the financial issues you face.

Fifth, be honest about when you may need the help of a mental health professional. If you or your children are struggling through the emotions of this process, then therapy or counseling can help your family to cope with this difficult time and to learn how to recover.

Sixth, Look at your options for the divorce process. Learn about the benefits of divorce mediation, about how you could get an uncontested divorce. You can discuss the particulars of your case with your divorce lawyer to see if your situation would enable you to achieve a simpler, less expensive, less stressful divorce process.

The seventh step brings us to one of the biggest steps you need to take: finding the right divorce lawyer in Long Island. You need to find an attorney with experience, someone who will work to bring your divorce to a settlement or another amicable alternative to divorce litigation, such as divorce mediation. You want a lawyer who will only go to trial as a last resort, not fight to drag your divorce through this litigation. And you also need to find the lawyer who you think you can work with well.

When you need a Long Island divorce lawyer who has years of experience, one who can provide the compassionate representation as well as the excellent legal counsel you deserve, you can find that legal advocate at the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Learn how we can work toward a stronger future for you and your family when you contact us today!