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Life After Divorce: Finding the New Balance Between Family and Work

If you are facing a divorce, then it is important to plan as much for the future as you can. If your divorce has already finalized, then you may be faced with the need to go back and change that divorce settlement. In whatever situation you find yourself as a co-parent, you are likely facing the challenge of figuring out the new structure of your life. So here are some things to consider, tips gleaned from a divorce attorney after years of helping clients take on their new independent roles in life.

1) For one thing, it is only natural to be daunted by what lies ahead. And it is important to realize that you do not have to do everything for yourself. Figure out the options that you can avail yourself of. Is it better for your child to walk to school, to take the bus, to be a part of a carpool? Perhaps there are activities after school in which your child can participate, enabling you perhaps to work overtime when necessary or to have a bit of time in which to squeeze your errands.

2) Then there is considering how your child is doing in school because of the divorce. Working with the other parent if they have legal custody, you two may agree to take advantage of programs available at your child's school, programs or counseling that specifically help kids adjust to living in two different homes. You and the other co-parent can try to make things as consistent as possible for your children.

3) Then maybe there are opportunities for you at work, chances to tweak your schedule. If your supervisor is against the idea of you changing your schedule to fit your new role as single parent, then maybe you can ask for a trial period of this schedule. Then you might be able to show them that their fears about your work performance diminishing under this custom schedule are unfounded; you can prove that working around your schedule is mutually beneficial.

4) When you have time with your kids, it is important to make the most of it. For example, you might find opportunities for this by sharing lunch breaks with your kids (if their school allows this). When you are home together, you can turn off your electronic devices to really spend time together. Your kids can join you in your routines; this could be exercising with them, or having them join you as you make dessert.

5) In fact, routines are very important, but you may not be able to hit everything in your routine. This is where prioritization is vital. This is especially vital to the holidays; the priority is the immediate future, not the presents you need to pick out for next week, just today. And a day at a time you can finish what you need to accomplish in a given day, as well as give your children the attention that they need and deserve.

6) Remember that you are not alone in this struggle, and also, that you should not compare yourself to other parents who seem to be pulling off the single parent deal unfazed. The reality is probably otherwise, for one thing. It is important to realize that balance is hard, but certainly worth the struggle.

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