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Four Things to Consider If You're Thinking About Getting a Divorce During the Holidays

Behind the merriment of this holiday season lies a great deal of stress, often enough stress to push a weakened relationship over the edge. If you are one of the many people considering a divorce this holiday season, here are several things to consider before making any major decisions.

First of all, you will have to work through your guilt. This can come on whenever someone considers getting a divorce, regardless of whether or not it is the holidays. Try to figure out why you feel this way. If it is because of how you are handling certain situations? Then maybe you can fix this and clear out this emotion. If you feel guilt precisely because it is the holidays, then you may have to move past this. Relationships can end on any day of the year, and the calendar does not dictate what time is more right than others to figure this out. With a clearer head, you can approach the choices that confront you this holiday.

While you may be strained during the holidays, finally bursting out that you want a divorce will not fix this stress. In fact, it can make your holiday season that much more complicated. Your relief at getting this off your chest may be very short-lived. You have to realize that this announcement will require communication to sort through everything, communication that may go on for week or even months, easily spreading over the rest of the holiday season. It may be best to postpone this lengthy conversation until you have more time for it.

And think about yourself too. For most people who asked for the divorce, they said it was traumatic, a disturbing memory that haunted them for even years after the experience. After all, powerful emotions make for strong memories. Is this a memory that you want linked to the holiday season? You may feel like looking back on the divorce may be another reason to celebrate, but realize that that could be a huge gamble. What are the chances you will feel the same way in years to come? This is even riskier if you have kids. Do you want them to have this trauma inseparably linked to their holidays?

Before you take that plunge, thing about how this will pan out, not just in the next days or weeks, but beyond that. Think about how your children, your relatives, your friends will all feel and respond. Remember that this will hurt them too. If you absolutely cannot wait, if you fear for you or your children's safety, then be prepared for what you will say. Have your plan ready for moving out, if necessary, to give everyone time to mull things over, to calm down.

While divorce may be inevitable, it will still be complicated and painful. Having this process drawn into your holidays can be especially stressful. Before you take such a drastic step, it is important to understand what the divorce will be like, and to consider how you can be preparing for this process right now, whether or not you ask for the divorce now or in January.

One of the biggest steps it takes to prepare for a divorce is to find the right divorce lawyer, a decision you want to give yourself as much time for as possible. So whether or not you think now is the right time to announce your decision, the best time to look for a successful divorce lawyer is as soon as possible. A lawyer can counsel you on how to get ready for the divorce, for example, the paperwork and information you can start collecting as you wait to make the first official step toward a divorce. You can find the experienced and dedicated Long Island divorce attorney you deserve when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Call us today!