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Figuring Out What Life After Divorce Will Really Be Like

No matter the reason for the divorce, many people assume that the divorce will solve their problems, help them regain pre-marriage peace, or propel them to a simpler, happier life. Granted, divorce can be the way to a stronger future, but it is a mistake to picture that it will be entirely rosy. This is not meant as a discouragement, but to help soon-to-be divorcees to have more realistic expectations, which can help them make the right decisions for their future.

For one thing, divorce is not as simple as just eliminating your spouse from your life, with life continuing on as it always has. No, just about everyone feels the effects of a divorce. Of course, if you have children, you are fully aware of this. But your close friends and extended relatives will also be impacted, just as will anyone who is involved in your life.

And this will probably mean a change in those relationships. The impact will not just be emotional; it can alter the daily routine and the entire course of others' lives. This is probably most true for your children. Their family unit will be split, which not only means a difference in breakfasts and dinners, but trips and holidays. They may also have to move from their home, and if finances are tight, might even have to move away from their friends and school. Totally uprooted, they will also be shuttled from one parent's house to the other. These are tremendous changes that you would have to prepare your kids for, and help them through. And then there are other relatives to consider as well. What will this mean for your relationship with your in-laws? If you have stepchildren, will you be able to see them? And so on, throughout your social life.

Then beyond relationships, you will have to look at the seemingly mundane things in your life. Where will you live? Will you have to downsize? Perhaps you will have to stay with your parents before you can go ahead and get a cheaper house. What about watching over your kids? You will have to figure out whether you will need to reduce your overtime, or you may even have to consider getting a different job. Will you have to move then, and will you have to move with the kids? Perhaps you will have to go back to school in order to get a better job.

In fact, you will have to take a long and hard look at your financial situation. Will you have to make support payments? Will you need the support payments yourself? You will have to consider what you will need financially moving on, and whether or not this could necessitate your taking a second job. Then you will have to think about whether or not you will have a car. Will you need to get one? Maybe you will have to downgrade after selling your current car. Then you may have to calculate how much more you will need to pay in gas just for transporting the kids.

There is no getting around it: divorce is hard. But if you are aware of what you are up against, not overlooking the details of what lies ahead, you can be prepared to your divorce, and make the most of it. While there is nothing simple about divorce, it is possible to achieve a peaceful resolution, which can make way for a better, happier future. To help you plan for this future, you will need the best Long Island divorce lawyer you can find. Contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today to learn how our experienced team can help you and your family with compassionate and skilled representation.