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How Expensive Is a Same-Sex Divorce in New York?

Divorce is tough enough. War can ensue as assets are divided, child custody is determined, and alimony is ordered. For same-sex couples, the obstacles to a divorce can be even more intense. One family attorney stated that same-sex couples could face more than ten times the cost that heterosexual couples face when they get a divorce, a $120,000 divorce as opposed to a $10,000 divorce. The thing is, few lawyers have dealt with this matter before. There are almost no precedents from which to work, and changes to the law have occurred quite recently. Uncertainty can plague the proceedings. This can mean a much longer process, which in turn leads to higher costs.

Even being able to file can become a costly obstacle. The place where the marriage took place may not be the place where the couple lives. This can mean that the state of the couple's residence has not ratified same-sex marriage, as only 13 states have done so. Couples may have to pay a great deal to return to the state of ceremony, just to get a divorce. More than that, they would have to pay to temporarily move there, since most states would require a six month residency before filing for divorce.

As the legalization of same-sex marriage is a new thing in many areas, many couples were accruing assets and getting into debt long before marriage. This means property division can be a nightmare. With any divorce, child custody can mean a bitterer struggle as well as a prolonged divorce. When one or both parents are not biological parents, this only complicates matters. Even experienced lawyers can be at a loss as to what to do.

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