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Health Insurance, Divorce, and Legal Separation in New York

Health insurance is a big issue for everyone, but it can especially be a factor in divorce. It may even lead couples to make other decisions. Many people want to know, can I keep my ex-spouse's health insurance policy? Not really. In some cases, the non-employee spouse may be able to get coverage from COBRA, but that is only for 36 months at the most.

You will want to get your own health insurance as soon as you can. If you do not do this fast enough, you could find yourself with a new condition under COBRA. Then after your new policy kicks in, your new insurance may view this as a pre-existing condition. This is not true for all insurance companies; this is something you will probably need to look into.

Health insurance is such a big issue, that it is actually a reason couples avoid divorce. This causes many couples to go for a legal separation instead. This will not work with every insurance company, however, as some insurance providers will view separation the same way that they view divorce. You need to understand your policy and your options.

An experienced Long Island divorce lawyer may be able to help. We can help you if you need to weigh the costs and benefits of separation as opposed to divorce. Perhaps you need to understand the legal consequences of different actions you take in a divorce.

With President Obama's healthcare plan up in the air, there are many uncertainties and changes that could affect your divorce or separation. This is only one of the huge financial concerns that will be a part of any divorce or separation.

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