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Holidays and Birthdays for Divorced Parents

Within the topic of a divorce as parents, there are many issues that are going to be brought up, both during the settlement process and even after the divorce as you are raising your children (perhaps together, but still separate). One of these concerns that can come up is what to do with your children for holidays and birthdays? Each hold a significant value, and for many of you parents, family time is important especially on these days. Here are a few things to consider as parents in order to communicate and work on coming to an agreement for these special days.

Believe it or not, there are certain families who even after a divorce will still choose to come together for holidays for the sake of the children, perhaps that is you; or maybe not. First off, if you and your spouse have decided to file for a divorce, contact an experienced Long Island divorce attorney for the legal guidance you will need during this process.

You will want to work through a parting agreement during your settlement in order to work through matters such as child custody, child support, scheduling etc. Within this agreement you may want to go through the special holiday and birthday plans so that you at least have a general guideline to go by after the divorce. When doing so, remember that this is for the sake of your children so you will want to be flexible and that after the divorce you need to focus on how to help them as well.

Take the time to ask the kids what they would prefer and then seek to work on an agreement. Next, planning ahead is always important when dealing with two different households and different schedules. By having strong communication throughout it will help you and your ex from having clashing schedules.

Work through what is best for each of you, and while agreeing to be flexible come up with a plan and dates as best as you are able to. When dealing with your ex, don't be rude to them. Remember, they are still your children's parent and at least until the kids become adults, you will have to interact with them on some level for the next few years. Being kind to one another can go a long way as an example to your kids during this time.

Also, tell your children that you care about what happens at the other parents home. If they receive a new toy from their dad; you want to hear about it. Or if they had a fun day at the park with mom, you want to hear about it. Encourage this communication in the family for the good of the kids and yourselves.

Perhaps you and your ex-spouse are not ready to spend Christmas together just yet, consider having two separate Christmas at each of your house so that neither parent loses out on their favorite holiday gathering? Decide what works best for each of you and roll with it, over the years it may change; so don't be afraid of trying new things. Lastly, remember that as a parent you need to take car of yourself as well. On those days when your kids are with the other parent, make sure you focus on helping yourself recover from the divorce.

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