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Do Children & Teenagers Have Rights in a Divorce?

In the event of a parents divorce, depending on the unique situation, children and teens are offered by the court some rights; both during and after the split. The reason behind this is that that court wants to do what is best for the children ultimately, so these laws were drafted in order to offer a chance of stability in the kids' lives during what can be a difficult season of transition. Overall, teens have the right in a separation or divorce to not have to be a part of the dispute, or the subject of it. This means that they are given the option to not have to feel influenced or pulled to one direction by either parent, regardless of what other issues may be at play in the divorce case.

As stated, the court wants what is best for the teens in the event of a parental split, so if there is a child custody dispute; the teen has the right to voice their preference in order to claim where they will be able to best have their needs fulfilled. If it is in their best interest to remain with the father because they want to stay at their high school, with their friends and in their sports; the court will take this into consideration in order to determine what is best.

The court allows the teen to evaluate the situation honestly for themselves so that they can come to the conclusion of what will be most helpful for them currently and in the years to come. After this, no matter what the court determines for custody, the teen is given the right to never have to choose sides.

Another right the teens have in a divorce is to seek help for their struggles in the divorce. Watching the life that they once knew come to an end, and everything change can be an overwhelming experience for them, which is why the court gives them the right to seek help in an unbiased environment through counseling or mediation.

By doing some form of counseling, religious or with a therapist, this can help them sort through the feelings they are experiencing during the divorce. In many cases, a teenager especially can have a hard time voicing their struggles and feelings during a divorce; counseling allows them a chance to be vulnerable with what's on their heart without fearing hurting their parents feelings, or saying something wrong.

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