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Dating after Divorce, Tips to Consider

Perhaps you are considering filing for a divorce, and one of the biggest fears that you have weighing on your heart is the fact that you may want to one day jump back into the dating pool. The thought of dating again frightens you, especially after you and your spouse spend more than a decade together; and although you may not think you have it in you to get back out there, you just might. Here are a few tips to consider before making that big step of dating again; because while it can be a fun phase when you are ready, it is still a big choice to make after having gone through a divorce.

First off, you want to make sure that you are ready to actually date again. After a divorce it is very tempting to feel lonely, or even overwhelmed as you now try to raise the kids and work full time all on your won. Whatever the case may be, a divorce is a hard experience to go through, so before you start dating again you want to make sure you are ready to love another person, and not just look for that "thing" to fill the gap in your heart. Also, dating is an exciting time, so you can know that you're ready to do so if you are feeling joyful about meeting new people (being nervous is ok, that's natural!).

Next, keep an open mind when it comes to who you date. What worked for your twenty years ago may be the exact opposite of what you need today. Whether this means hobbies, looks or personality preferences, be willing to be flexible with this new season of dating. Who knows, you may like the exact opposite of what your ex was; maybe not. Also, when you start dating again, you must remember that you can't compare them to your ex. As stated, you may need the exact opposite of who your ex was, so if they can't play football like he did, or if they can't cook she did; don't call it off just yet. Comparing with your ex can not only drain your energy, but it could also cause you to miss the next love of your life.

Remember, while internet dating is becoming a new fad these days, do whatever you can to play it safe. Make sure that your friend are involved in this new dating season, whether it is online dating or in person. Having friend participation can result in the words of encouragement you need to hear on a hard day, the extra push for the next date, or even the backup you need when you go to your first date with the person from online. Don't just involve your friends in this new season, though. If you have kids, this is a very important way for you to maintain a strong bond with them while you meet new people. Obviously, you don't want to be bringing a new person home every other night, but if you find that person you click with, include your kids. This will mean the world to them in the long run, especially if you and the new person marry down the road.

If you are currently considering filing for a divorce, all hope is not lost. While the season of divorce is not an ideal one, with the help of a compassionate and skilled attorney at the Meyers Law Group, we can help you make this process run much more smoothly. Contact us today for the Long Island divorce attorney you deserve every step of the way!