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What can you put in a Prenup?

If you are trying to draft a prenuptial agreement, the fact is that anything goes. According to the New York Post, some spouses put the most outrageous restrictions in their prenuptial agreement. As long as both spouses sign and agree on the document, then those proposals will be upheld in the court.

One New York celebrity-divorce lawyer says that she has seen just about anything while drafting a prenuptial. Recently, she claimed that a bride-to-be added a clause to her prenuptial agreement demanding compensation for her sexual services. In this prenuptial, the future wife wanted to be paid every time that she was intimate with her husband.

While this proposition did not make it into the final prenuptial agreement, plenty of other wacky suggestions have made it into the final contract. For example, one New York native wrote that her husband could not play piano while she was in the home. Another man said that if his wife got pregnant he wanted to make sure that she got an abortion, because he believed he was too old to be a father. When the wife signed the prenuptial agreement she agreed to that requirement. Another prenuptial agreement in New York declared that the wife was not allowed to cut her hair while they remained married. Once again, this wife agreed to the stipulation.

In addition to being an opportunity to bring regulations to the table, prenuptial agreements can guide a divorce. If a spouse has listed his or her assets in the agreement, then those things will remain his or hers in the event of a split. Prenuptial agreements are invaluable when a couple splits, because the court can simple use these guidelines to divide all marital property. If you need to draft a prenuptial agreement, then talk to a family law attorney today for more information.