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Maximize your Visitation Time

When you get to visit your child, there are times that it may be awkward. This is especially true with tweens and teens who are starting to get “too cool” for mom or dad. Non-custodial parents who want to spend time with their children often end up awkward and disjointed, as they try to entertain a child that has no desire to be there. Sometimes children are emotional about their parent’s break up, and maybe your spouse has even been talking about you behind your back. Naturally, all of these factors can culminate in a difficult visitation relationship.

If you want to maximize your time with your kids, then the best way to start is by assuming that your child loves you, and trying to talk to him or her. You will want to feel out whether or not your child wants to talk about the divorce or avoid that subject altogether.

Children respond differently, so you will need to assess your child’s personal response and then best work through it. It is best to get to know your child’s friends and teachers so that he or she will feel like you are involved in his or her life. Also, listen to your child’s stories, and be supportive of his or her interests to better form a bond.

You may want to contact your child’s school and request a calendar so that you will know when exciting events are coming up. This will keep you informed and help your child to know that you care about what is going on in his or her life. Also, remember that it’s okay if there are silent moments. There are times that you child or teen might not want to talk, or may resist conversation. You may want to settle in for the quiet times and allow your child to avoid talking.

By being careful and calculating, you may be able to form a better bond with your children post-divorce during your visitation. If you are in a legal battle concerning visitation at the moment, then talk to lawyer at our firm to representation in court!