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Divorce Coach Versus Attorney: What's the Difference?

To answer the title question, there isn’t much of a difference at all. Many family law attorneys in New York have chosen to call themselves divorce coaches in order to get new business. Many clients are intrigued by the term “divorce coach” and don’t realize that they are essentially getting legal representation for their case without calling their partner an attorney.

Whether you call it a divorce coach or an attorney, hiring a legal representative to help you in your divorce case is a good idea. According to Fox Business, the process of divorce can be an emotional roller coaster. When you split from a spouse it normally means undoing years of life together. You need to split the house, time with the children, the family business, the bank accounts and even the pets.

Without someone there to remain steady and logical throughout the process, you may find yourself making some grace mistakes. Fox Business claims that the millennium is the new age of the divorce coach. Some divorce coaches will focus on helping their clients in one area, such as co-parenting or finances after divorce. Other divorce coaches offer help in every area of the process.

Divorce coaches are excellent at helping to give you legal advice about the divorce. You may not realize the legal implications of a particular decision, but having a divorce attorney on your side will become invaluable when you are making these serious choices.

As well, a divorce coach/attorney can help you to organize your finances in a way that will best suit you and please the court. There is a lot of chaos involved in a divorce, so having someone there to organize the documents and assets can be essential.

A divorce coach/lawyer can also be there for you when you are having difficulties. You will want an emotionally stable friend to lend a helping hand on the harder days. Talk to a family lawyer at the Meyers Law Group to get an attorney who can both coach and represent you in court.