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Men in Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been the victim of domestic violence as a male, you may be embarrassed to admit that you have had to endure it. Men want to appear masculine and tough, and often don’t want to confess that they have been harmed physically, verbally, or psychologically in a marriage. In fact, most men will never admit to any sort of domestic abuse, even if they have been harmed in some way by an angry woman. According to The Huffington Post men that are victims of domestic abuse should call the police immediately and explain the issues that are going on. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, or financial, you will want to get law enforcement involved as soon as possible.

Follow the police officer’s advice. You may want to get your spouse a psychological evaluation as well. This can help to determine whether or not your wife’s violence is due to a mental incapacity. Sometimes when people are cognitively dysfunctional it can seriously affect their ability to behave normally, As well, you may want to request a child custody evaluation from the CPS. If your spouse is abusive, she may not have the right to be a safe and reliable mother to your children. The Child Protective Services can come and conduct an evaluation to determine whether or not the children are in danger. Even if your children have not been the direct victims of your wife’s violence, they are indirect victims. If you don’t take action, they could be harmed.

The most important tip about handing a domestic violence case as a man is owning up and admitting to the abuse. You may need to humble yourself and confess that you were harmed by your wife. This will help you ion the long run, as you may be able to seek damages from your spouse, obtain custody of the children, and merit a larger divorce settlement. Contact a lawyer at the Meyers Law Group today if you need more information about domestic violence and how it will affect your divorce case.