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You May Need a Fathers' Rights Advocate

By law, if you are the biological father of a child, you have the same rights as the mother of the child. The law is very specific in stating that men and women have equal rights during family law matters. However, there are times when fathers' rights may be compromised in the state of New York.

During those times, it is advised that dads take the time to consult a Long Island family lawyer from our office. Our attorneys are fathers' rights advocates and we can help you when:

  • You need to establish your parental rights by taking a DNA test to prove your paternity. You may need to do this if you hope to obtain child custody or even visitation.
  • You have recently experienced a decrease in your wages or lost your job and need to modify the terms of your child support order.
  • The mother of your child refuses to let you have contact with your son or daughter. Or, the mother of your child is engaging in parental alienation, making it difficult for you to bond with your child.
  • You stand accused of domestic violence, but did not commit any form of abuse and it is impacting the outcome of certain family law proceedings.

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer that believes in protecting fathers' rights, contact the Meyers Law Group today to get immediate assistance and legal help. Schedule your initial case evaluation today to recieve immediate assistance.