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Divorce: The General Process in New York

Although no two divorces in New York are exactly alike, they generally follow the same timeline. Understanding this timeline will help ensure that you are handling your divorce correctly to speed up the process and protect yourself in the future.

First, one of the spouses must file divorce papers in the court servicing his or her region of the state. The person who initiates the divorce will be referred to as the "plaintiff" while the other spouse will be referred to as the "defendant". The person who files first is said to have started the "Matrimonial Action" which can refer to a divorce, legal separation or even an annulment.

Along with your divorce petition, you must pay a filing fee of $210 to the state. Once your paperwork has been received, you will be given an "Index Number" to keep track of your application. For this reason, filing a divorce petition is also referred to as "purchasing an index number".

While this is a general summary of the divorce process, it is important that you understand all that is entailed. To receive information and insight into the New York divorce process, contact the Meyers Law Group to arrange a case evaluation with a knowledgeable Long Island family law attorney from our office.