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Alimony Issues to Consider during a Divorce

Filing for divorce is never an easy process. There are multiple considerations that will have to be discussed before your final settlement can be drafted and one of the most contentious issues of a divorce can be alimony payments. In some cases, both partners may be able to reach an amicable decision regarding the amount and length of alimony payments. Generally speaking, it is more advantageous to agree to an alimony settlement without going to court since asking a judge to decide on spousal support will not only delay your divorce settlement, but add to your stress as well. However, there are times when couples simply cannot agree and such legal intervention is necessary.

It is also important to remember that not everyone who asks for alimony will receive it. A judge will examine the finances of both parties, the ability of both parties to work and the length of the marriage before approving or denying a request. Furthermore, if the person receiving alimony has not worked for years, it is possible that the judge will grant payments only until that person is able to obtain employment.

As you can see, there are multiple things to consider when asking for alimony. For this reason, those planning to obtain payments from their soon-to-be exes should take the time to speak with a Long Island family lawyer from our firm about their circumstances first. To set up your initial consultation, contact the Meyers Law Group now!