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What to do when Your ex Doesn't Fulfill Responsibilities

If you are in a situation where your spouse is not upholding court ordered responsibilities, don't let him or her get away with it. Whatever the court decided when you began your divorce has become a legally enforceable statute. For example, if your spouse never shows up for visitations, or is failing to pay you alimony and child custody, this can be very serious. The best way to go about this issue is to start making a log of the mistakes that your ex makes.

When he or she refuses to pay you the court-ordered financial support, or avoids a visit that was set and scheduled, then you need to write it down. If the problems become a pattern, then you need to get a hold of your family lawyer. Your divorce lawyer probably knows you pretty well at this point, because he or she just saw you through your entire divorce. Because of this, chances are that he or she can help you better than any other attorney could. If you weren't satisfied with your divorce lawyer, or that attorney isn't available to aid you when you want to bring these issues to court, then you will want to locate someone new who is trustworthy and helpful.

Once you have secured an attorney, you will want to file a formal complaint to the courts. Your lawyer can help you to do this. If the court finds your situation needs to be corrected, they may call you and your ex-spouse back into court. You can also choose to sue your spouse if he or she has not paid alimony or child support. Whenever you are contesting with your ex-spouse, things can get very messy. Contact a family attorney from our firm if you need help. At Meyers Law Group PC we are more than happy to help you.