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Military Marriages Strong Despite Deployment

A new study shows that military marriages seem to have a tenacity that helps couples to overcome the challenges they face. Even though there are more long-term overseas deployments at present then there have been in the past, and with spouses in danger in Afghanistan or Iraq, the likelihood that a military couple will end their marriage is not high. Higher deployment rates haven’t changed the fact that these military married couples want to stay devoted to each other. A professor of social psychology at the University of California compared the marriage and divorce rates of military men and women to the rates of civilians in three years before and after the current conflict with Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to their findings, which were posted at Medline Plus, the rates did not increase because a couple was involved in the military and as the couples grew older they were more likely to stay together. Researchers assume that the amount of time that military couples spend away from each other might actually enhance their marriages. As they old saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When a person is separated from their love for a long amount of time, it might strengthen their affections towards each other as they wait for their loved one’s return.

Also, researchers think that the benefits that are granted to married military members may be another incentive for them to stay hitched. They are given housing supplements, cost-of-living bonuses, the ability to live off-base with their family, and spousal care health coverage. Whatever the reason, these marriages have a change that they can last. When couples face adversity, it will either drive them closer together or father apart. This is in part depending on the individuals’ attitudes towards a situation. When people are devoted to each other they can handle almost anything. If you feel that your spouse is not devoted to you, or does not comfort and help you in hard times, then it maybe divorce is inevitable. In that case, contact a divorce lawyer in your area to get started with this process.