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Living Together After Divorce: How to Handle the Pressures

Living together after you and your spouse divorce isn’t ideal. It’s also very rare. Sometimes for financial reasons, a couple may need to reside together as platonic roommates before one or both partners can save up enough money to get their own place. Maybe one ex-spouse can’t find a job and needs a place to stay, or maybe the house is upside down and both incomes are needed to help make the mortgage. The Huffington Post claims that more and more men and women are choosing to live together after a divorce for a short amount of time. Divorce can be expensive, so sometimes these people need a free place to stay in order to recuperate.

If you need to live with your ex-spouse for a short amount of time until you can be financially independent, then you may need to establish some household rules. Before moving in with an ex-spouse, establish who will pay for what. You are no longer obligated to share possessions because you are roommates, not a married couple. Therefore, if you want to determine what you will pay for and what your ex-spouse will pay for, you may be able to avoid arguments in the future. You should also learn to practice basic roommate etiquette. Wash your own dishes, think of others when operating the air conditioning or heating, don’t invite friends over without notifying your ex-spouse etc.

Also, it’s wise to avoid bringing romantic partners to the house. Even if you can’t move out, try to at least move on. Spend time away from the home when you need social interaction and don’t entertain thoughts of your ex now that you have separated. Remember that this live-in situation should only be in special situations. Some states won’t even allow a separated couple to live together, so check with your state government before making this choice.