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Making Child Custody Exchanges Easier

Have you and your former spouse recently come to a child custody arrangement? If so, there are some guidelines you should consider to make the transition as easy as possible. Keeping these simple things in mind will make the exchange process easier for both you and your children.

First, when you are picking up or dropping off your children, this may be the only time that you see your former spouse/partner. Do not use this time to discuss things that the children do not need to hear. No matter how hurt you are with your spouse, talking with him/her about adult topics may confuse or worry your children.

Another tip is to never let your child act as an intermediary for adult messages. While it may be okay to let the child convey simple messages, such as what time his/her event at school starts, do not use your child as a messenger for things regarding your separation or divorce. This puts your child in an awkward position that may make him/her feel uncomfortable or conflicted.

If you and your spouse plan to move forward with divorce and child custody is an area of concern, contact the Meyers Law Group now to seek the assistance of a Long Island family attorney from our team.