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Child Custody and Paternal Definitions

Obtaining child support can be tricky when two people were never married but had a child together. There are three primary categories under which a father can be listed and it is important to understand these distinctions before going to court to obtain child support. The first and most basic category is acknowledged father. This is when the father of the child admits that he is indeed the father. In this case, the judge will then demand that this person pay child support.

It gets more complicated when a man is listed under the category as a presumed father. There are several circumstances that could lead to being labeled as a presumed father. For example, the man was married to the woman when the child was conceived, he attempted to marry her while carrying the child or he took the child into his home as his own. The last category is equitable father. This is when the child is claimed by a man that is not the biological or adoptive father. A man that has established a close relationship with the child can legally become the father.

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