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Child Custody Agreements Should be Created with a Family Lawyer

Are you in the process of discussing child custody with your former spouse? If so, you may be considering creating a child custody agreement without going to court. While this is certainly legal, it is not always in your best interests. You may be wondering why this is the case.

The fact is that if you and your former spouse reach an agreement that is only verbal in nature, it can be compromised at any time. Should the terms of your agreement become compromised, you will have little legal standing because you have nothing in writing approved by a court of law.

Instead of trying to come to a child custody agreement alone, you may find it is more advantageous to work with a Long Island family lawyer from our legal team. Once you enlist our help, we can help you mediate the terms of your child custody agreement and make sure that your plan is filed with the court.

Once filed, we will oversee all facets of your agreement until it is approved by a judge and considered legally binding. Once your agreement is in place, both you and your former spouse will have to adhere to its terms.

To learn more about creating a child custody agreement with the assistance of an attorney, contact the Meyers Law Group now to set up an initial consultation.