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Divorce or Legal Separation?

Let's be honest, problems are natural for married couples. Putting two human beings together creates conflict, because no matter how much we love each other we will have differences of opinions, different habits, etc. What makes the difference in the marriage relationship is how as couples we chose to work through these problems, and if we are able to at all. After some time, perhaps the arguments and conflict is becoming too much to handle for you, and you are thinking of leaving your spouse.

When considering "breaking up" your marriage, it is helpful to weigh the options between a legal separation and an official divorce. First, it is important to actually understand what the differences are. A legal separation means that your marriage is not legally coming to an end, though it does allow you and your spouse to live in separate locations while still technically still in union.

The separation process is actually a legal contract that is defined by the court, stating the exact terms of the separation between you and your spouse. Here you will have specific responsibilities and rights that will vary as opposed to being a regular married couple. Legal separation is often a chance for couples to work through their problems while living apart from each other. It is often considered as a breath of fresh air and a chance to reevaluate the relationship. Many times couples will choose to come back together and remain married, or they will realize that the separation was best and then they can go through with the official divorce.

This process is encouraged for those who may need a break, but aren't exactly sure about what to do with their marriage just yet. The legal separation will also give couples a chance to discuss the possible details of a divorce including child custody, property division etc. in order to make the divorce process run more smoothly in the future. The legal separation process is just that, legal, which means you and your spouse are going to walk through an agreement during this time either to remain a couple or to move on and divorce. During this season of a legal separation you will have to address all of the same factors as you would if you were divorcing, because you will want to protect your needs and requests in the event you decide to divorce later on.

Those who file for a divorce are in the place where they are certain they want the marriage to come to an end, and if this is you a legal separation may just be delaying the unavoidable future. If you are weighing the options between both possibilities, contact The Meyers Law Group today to discuss the details of your current situation. At our firm we have years of experience with divorce and separation and we would love to walk with you through the process and steps in order to determine what is best for you and your spouse. Contact us today for more information!