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Why Women Often Get Custody

Three-fourths of all children of divorced parents live with their mother. Often, the father has visitation rights, but is not the primary custodian of his kids. With the vast majority of caretakers being mothers, you may be wondering why the courts always gravitate towards the mother. Admittedly, many times the couples negotiate custody agreements privately.

In these conversations, fathers who are invested in their career may agree that it is best for the mother to care for the children. As well, any time that the child is born to a single mother, that mother automatically has physical and legal custody of her baby. A father must step forward and demand a paternity test if he wants any hope of caring for or having a part in that baby’s life.

Oftentimes, women are the ones that are home during the day, or work a part-time job while their husbands work full time. In most cases, the mother provides for the child’s daily needs, while the father will bring home the finances in order to facilitate that care.

Courts reason that with child support, the father can still play his role in the family, even if the parents are divorced. The mother needs the children in her home in order to care for them. The judges will look at each parent’s child-rearing skills and the child’s relationship with each parent before making a final decision.

A mother with addiction problems or a poor relationship with her children may not get custody of the kids. The courts will want to evaluate what is in the best interests of the children when deciding custody, rather than simply choosing to be on one parents side. The courts will also want to choose the more cooperative parent.

As a father, you can still obtain primary custody of your children if you can prove that it is in their best interests to come home with you. Talk to a family law attorney at the Meyers Law Group today to advocate for your father’s rights!