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Want to Change Your Name? Here's How!

The two main reasons that a person changes his or her name is marriage or divorce. Normally, a woman takes a man’s last name when she marries him, and then may choose to change it again in the event of a divorce. People can also change their names if they don’t want to be associated with their family or don’t like their birth name.

If you are getting a divorce and don’t want your last name to reflect your relationship with your former husband, then you can go to court and have them change it. As a woman, you can change back to your maiden name, or take an entirely different name. Many times women who run businesses under one name will keep their name, but add an additional last name so that they are differentiated from their former husband.

If you are in the process of a divorce, you can go to your judge and ask that he include a formal name-change in your divorce decree. You can get certified copies of the decree in your papers, so that you have proof of your new, legal name. You will also need to get the name changed on all government records, and get a new driver’s license that has the new name.

If you merely want to revert back to your maiden name after a divorce, you can simply show proof of that name on a birth certificate, and ask for a court order. There are times that people will forget that you are divorced and still use your previous last name, but with a lot of gentle reminders you may be able to change your name in time.

If you need more information about switching back to your maiden name or adopting an entirely new name to accompany your new life without your husband, then talk to a lawyer today for more information!