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Should We Consider Nuptial Agreements?

Marriage can be such a happy time in life, a beautiful cake, and day dedicated to two people that love each other, is a beautiful thing. There is the question that still lingers over many married or soon to be married couples, “should we get a nuptial agreement?” There are many reasons to consider nuptial agreements such as defining inheritances, fortunes, pensions, stocks, or any other means of wealth. Nuptial agreements also mean that in the event of a divorce the couple has already laid out their understanding of who will receive what, or not receive anything, in the event of a split.

Nuptial agreement may include whether or not they will support one another after a divorce or if there are children involved what will happen to them regarding custody arrangements. Many times the idea of signing an agreement like that before a wedding can seem to put a damper on the romance, fear not; there are post nuptial agreements that can be formed even after the day you have shared “I-dos.” Couples can chose to do some form of nuptial agreement in order to prepare for unforeseen circumstances in the future. There are a few benefits to arranging post nuptial agreements, and perhaps it may even help your marriage.

For example, if one spouse enjoys gambling it may cause stress or tension between one another. By creating a nuptial agreement, it can verify that the other spouse holds no responsibility for those debts may be a good option to consider. In the event of a divorce having a nuptial agreement can also protect your children. Having a plan established to ensure that your children will receive proper care and financial stability in the future is a wise decision. Many in their nuptial agreements will include the obligation of both parents to contribute to college funds or other educational purposes. Overall nuptial agreements can be a valuable tool for your marriage, and it can also make things run a lot smoother in the event of a divorce. Nuptials may not be for everyone, but they are worth considering. Contact the Meyers Law Group today for more information!