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Cohabitation and Its Impact on Alimony

Are you currently receiving spousal support but plan on moving in with a new partner in New York? If so, you need to be aware that your alimony payments may be impacted as a result. Understanding the law before you make any big life changes can protect you in the future, which is why you may wish to discuss your situation with a Long Island family lawyer.

In most states, cohabitation can signify the end of one spouse's obligation to make maintenance payments. Each state has its own laws regarding alimony and cohabitation, however, so it is important to seek out understanding of your own state's laws. Some states are more lenient when it comes to cohabitation, stating that alimony must end if the new partner supports the alimony recipient. In other states, the moment that a recipient starts living with someone of the opposite sex, alimony payments come to an end.

In New York, before spousal support can be terminated, a person must cohabitate with another and per the law "hold herself/himself out as the wife/husband". With this being the case, maintenance is very rarely terminated due to a spouse moving in with a new partner, but it does happen.

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