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  • Divorce or Legal Separation?
    Divorce or Legal Separation?

    Let's be honest, problems are natural for married couples. Putting two human beings together creates conflict, because no matter how much we love each other we will have differences of opinions, ...

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  • Uncontested Divorces and Children
    Uncontested Divorces and Children

    There are two forms of divorce that people can be categorized under, contested or uncontested . Contested is considered to be the more difficult divorce that is more likely to end in a court hearing ...

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  • Can you Cancel a Legal Separation?
    Can you Cancel a Legal Separation?

    A legal separation is a court order that is sometimes likened to a divorce One of the main differences between a divorce and a legal separation is the permanency of the arrangement. While a divorce is ...

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  • Was Your Annulment Denied? How to Appeal!
    Was Your Annulment Denied? How to Appeal!

    If you have recently applied for a marriage annulment, but were not granted your request, then you will want to appeal the denial in court. A civil annulment is given out in a court of law, while a ...

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  • Common Fears About Divorce
    Common Fears About Divorce

    Divorce is often a “great unknown” concept that can intimidate and scare the men and women who are getting ready to file. Sometimes a divorce is what needs to happen, but you may not want to think ...

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  • Men in Domestic Violence Cases
    Men in Domestic Violence Cases

    If you have been the victim of domestic violence as a male, you may be embarrassed to admit that you have had to endure it. Men want to appear masculine and tough, and often don’t want to confess that ...

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