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Same-Sex Couples and Adoption

If you are part of a same sex partnership and are interested in adoption, you may experience more difficulty than traditional partners would. However, you shouldn't let this deter you from trying to provide a child with a much-needed home.

Depending on the state you reside in, there are different laws regarding adoption for gay parents. By knowing the different types of adoption available to you, it is possible for same sex couples to adopt in even the harshest gay adoption states.

There are three basic types of adoption, and based on your current situation, you will need to file for adoption under one of the three categories.

If you are single and want to adopt a child, you would file under single (individual) parent adoption. While it is harder for single parents to adopt a child, it is possible under the right circumstances. When you are in a committed relationship but aren't married, you would file under joint adoption. The third type of adoption is second-parent adoption, where one partner already has a child from a different partnership/marriage and the current partner/spouse wants to legally adopt the child.

If you are part of a same-sex couple who needs assistance with a family law issue, such as domestic partnership, take the time to contact the Meyers Law Group so you can receive advice and direction from a Long Island family lawyer.