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Orders of Protection Offer Safeguards

A restraining order is also known as an order of protection. When you obtain an order of protection from a judge, you help protect yourself from being assaulted, abused, harassed, or endangered by the person whom you obtain the order against.

Depending upon the circumstances that you find yourself in, your order of protection can be used to have the abuser removed from your home by the police. An order of protection can also help ensure that your abuser stays away from yourself, your home, your workplace, and any other places that you frequent.

Your restraining order can prevent your abuser from calling you, emailing you, or writing you letters. An order of protection can also protect your children by limiting your abusers contact with your children or requiring supervised visitation if your abuser is a parent to your children.

Under an order of protection a judge might also require your abuser to pay you temporary support or to give you full legal custody of your children. If the person that you file your order of protection against violates any of the terms of your order, they may face jail time for their actions.

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