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Advantages of Domestic Partnership

Did you know that living with someone in a domestic partnership can actually make you eligible for certain legal rights? Depending on what state you reside in, you could be afforded certain rights just by registering your domestic partnership.

While the term "domestic partnership" has gotten significant press recently in relation to same-sex couples, the term actually applies to any two persons living together as a couple. In some states, like New York, you can register as a domestic partnership and enjoy your partner's health benefits. This can be useful for those couples who do not plan on becoming married but still want to be seen legally as a couple.

If you are interested in learning more about your rights as part of a domestic partnership, it is time to contact a Long Island domestic partnership attorney. You can learn more about your rights regarding adoptions, wills, emergency health decisions and much more by speaking with a Long Island family lawyer from our law office today.