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Communicating Divorce to Your Children

When you are considering divorce and children are involved, you need to think about how you will communicate with them about your circumstances before you actually sit down to talk to them.

There is no right or wrong way to discuss your divorce, but there are several useful tips you can consider. You can emphasize that change is normal in life, and although things will be different when the parents are divorced, nothing about your feelings towards your children will. You can even tell your children that these changes will make their lives better, and it will be true; if you are unhappy with your spouse, eventually this discontent could come to affect your children's lives as well.

It is important to remain calm when you speak to your children about divorce, and to keep your own fights to a minimum when the children are present. They will be watching your reactions and behaviors carefully, so while it may be difficult to do, it is best to present an united and peaceful front.

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