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Working Hard to Protect Fathers' Rights

Agencies across the country are working hard for fathers' rights in the case of child custody.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, there are an estimated 24 million children that live absent from their biological fathers. Of these, 40 percent have not seen their father in at least one year. Over a quarter of all these children have a father who lives in a different state.

More sad statistics come from the NFI, such as the fact that 50 percent of these children have never even seen the inside of their father"s home. Of those that actually do see their father, about 60 percent, they will spend just 69 days out of the year with them.

The National Center of Education Statistics reports that children whose fathers remained active in their lives were more likely to excel in school, stay in school, participate in extra-curriculars and stay out of trouble.

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