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New York Making Serious Family Law Reforms

The state of New York has been working overtime to make some serious reforms in family law.

Last month the state passed the law legalizing same-sex marriage, prompting cheers and jeers from across the country. The year before, legislators worked to enact a law allowing no-fault divorces, in which spouses could end their marriage without naming either party as being guilty of wrongdoing. In addition to these landmark acts, New York also set a formula for alimony in certain situations, in an attempt to make alimony allotment more predictable and equitable.

New York is one of just a few states that has set a formula for alimony or maintenance. Since family law judges are normally the ones who determine how much alimony will be allotted to one spouse, the decision is always individualized to the couple. No matter what state the case is being heard in, most judges will determine alimony based on the same factors: current financial situations of both partners, length of marriage, earning potential of both spouses, and health and ages of both spouses.

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