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Guardianship Vs. Adoption

If you are just learning about the ins and outs of child custody then you will need to know the difference between guardianship and adoption.

When you agree to legally become someone's guardian it means that you are responsible for them until the age of eighteen. However, the court can decide to change someone's guardian or take your guardianship away if circumstances should change. It is a form of adoption but it still maintains a legal relationship between the child and biological parents; in fact, the parents are still obligated to support the child financially. The court can also grant the parents visitation rights for their child even if they are under the care of a guardian.

If you opt for adoption, you are agreeing to have a final change in guardianship turned over and placed into your name. That means that you will be responsible for every aspect of the child's life instead of their birth parents as outlined by the court order you are given.

Adoption is a serious decision that should not be made quickly. Before you sign the final documents, have a family law attorney review them first to ensure that you and the child(ren) involved will be completely protected in the future.

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